—oleh Esei Asas (sa-buah) Rekod Kĕbangsaan is a collection of inspiring new music by Zulhezan, a product of a collaboration between arts journal Svara, Soundscape Records and the artist himself.

We have always envisioned an intersection between music and literature, the cross-pollination between the two fields provides a new perspective for future cross-disciplinary approach to music and other art forms, which for some reason was overlooked.

We hope to break barriers, and cross-path with different art disciplines through this project and we are really excited about it!” – Mak Wai Hoo at Soundscape Records

—oleh Esei Asas (sa-buah) Rekod Kĕbangsaan
Tata pĕnchahayaan harus-lah di-panchar chĕrah untok mĕmbĕri pada ruang pĕncharian, pĕnĕlitian sah dan definisi pĕngĕrtian—yang bagi kita ia tĕlah padam.

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